If there is any consumable substance packed with symbolism, it is certainly wine! It must be said that its consumption is compatible with any whim, and its appearance subject to simple but also lyrical metaphors. It must be said that wine is of noble stock: protected from passing time by Bacchus (the Roman God of wine) and Dionysus (the Greek God of wine). These two protectors have given wine all the hallmarks of divinity, thus making it a drink of the Gods!

Red as blood and gushing from deep in the ground, it symbolises life and strength. This image of strength is accentuated by the winding, twisted and wilful shape of the vine stock, which seems to have gone through many battles to offer its blood to mortals!

A crucial element of sacrifices and oblations, it made it possible, during ancient times, to connect the spirit of man with that of the Gods. Saint Clement of Alexandria said: “Wine is to bread what a contemplative life and Gnosis are to an active life and daily faith.”

If it is also the symbol of friendship and love, it is thanks to Dionysus, who was very concerned with peace among mankind. He introduced wine to make mankind happy. Son of Zeus and Semele, he had an eventful birth and he was taken in, thanks to Hermes, by nymphs who gave him bunches of grapes to play with. He would never abandon this fruit that, through wine, could bring people together. Perhaps in this way he hoped to reconcile his parents. Semele changed her name and became Thyone. Finally, the God of wine went to heaven with her, holding her hand.

Philippe Ligron, Cooking teacher