24 March 19 Cremo / Training

Essential to the evolution of a dynamic organization that wishes to adapt to changes in society, training is a core element at the heart of the Cremo Company. Each year, several members of staff successfully complete their apprenticeships or training in their professional field.

The range of careers available within Cremo is very wide. In the production department, one can find for example, drivers, weighers, cheese makers, dairymen/women, cooks and food scientists. On the administration side there are accountants, data processing specialists, marketing specialists, secretaries and receptionists. In our accredited research laboratory there are chemists, biologists, laboratory assistants and microbiologists, etc. Finally, there are caretakers, food tasters, mechanics, etc. in various other departments. A major employer in the regions in which it operates, Cremo provides long term, stable employment and offers opportunities for professional development.

Several apprenticeship positions are available each year. We are presently training:

- Dairy industry technology apprentices (French/German)
- Logistics management apprentices (French/German)
- Automated machinery operators (French only)
- Commercial apprentices (French/German)

During their dairy industry technology training, (which has replaced that of the cheese makers and dairy man/woman), apprentices learn about the various jobs that exist in the industry.  If you would like more information, please click on www.technologue.ch (site in French and German).

Please note that in the Swiss Romande region, there is an agricultural institute known as L’ Institut Agricole de Grangeneuve (www.grangeneuve.ch). It is situated in the canton of Fribourg and offers its services in both French and German.

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