24 March 19 Cremo / Management system


Always concerned about the quality of its products, Cremo has instigated since 1986 very rigorous monitoring procedures. Its ongoing quality and environmental management system has been recognized by several organizations. It includes continuous improvement and regular updating of procedures. Cremo does not rely on external audits to identify any deficiencies that exist. Periodically, the company carries out internal audits to verify that nothing is hampering the quality of its products or its good environmental management.

ISO 9001 Certification – Quality management

By 1996, Cremo had already obtained ISO 9001 Quality Certification awarded by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI). One of the principal requirements is that this certification must be renewed every three years, to guarantee that procedures continue to be in strict compliance with the regulations.

This certification guarantees that in the areas of purchasing raw materials, development, production and distribution of milk products, all of the regulations are scrupulously adhered to, with the objective of ensuring that products are always of the finest quality.

This official recognition is an assurance that the company takes all the appropriate measures to offer safe products and that an accurate record of their history, from producer to consumer is maintained. This system of traceability reinforces the brand image of the company.

FSSC 22000 Hygiene and food safety management

On July 12, 2011, Cremo received from Bureau Veritas the "Food Safety System Certification 2200" certification.. This document certifies that Cremo meets the requirements for the management system for the food safety of this standard. Recertification takes place every 3 years.

The FSSC 22000 certificate replaces the BRC (2005-2012) and IFS (2006 - 2012) certification.

“Organic” certification by bio.inspecta

For the production of organic products such as milk, butter, cheese and milk powder, Cremo has the appropriate certificates issued by bio.inspecta, Switzerland.


Early in 2005, Cremo received the « Suisse Garantie » accreditation awarded by the Association Agro-Marketing Suisse (Swiss Agro-Marketing Association). In addition to meeting the legal requirements, milk and dairy products with the SUISSE GARANTIE accreditation must comply with the following requirements:

The raw material used for making the products must be Swiss.
The products must be made and processed in Switzerland.
The finished products must not contain any genetically modified (GM) organisms.
Milk producers must follow to the letter, the requirements of the “Prestations Ecologiques Requises” (Required Environmental Specifications) for milk production and produce without any GM organisms. It means that:
Farmers respect the environment (limited use of fertilizers or phytosanitary products, etc)
The care of animals takes into consideration the specific needs of the species. Reference is made to the decree on animal protection in agriculture that mentions lighting, treatment of calves, tying up of cattle, cow trainer (an electrified cable above the cows used to force them to step back when they need to defecate in order to keep the resting area clean), freedom of movement, shelter without restraint, types of flooring, design of rest areas, foddering and veterinary interventions.
The producers do not use GM organisms for the animals themselves or their fodder.

In-depth inspections by independent auditing organizations that are authorized by the Confederation are conducted on a regular basis.