24 March 19 Nutrition / General information

Since being established, Cremo has always paid a great deal of attention to offering to its customers products of impeccable quality. Through its day-to-day surveillance of each stage of production, it guarantees the freshness and purity of its raw materials and finished products.

The variety of the Cremo range of products ensures that its consumers’ daily nutritional needs can be met through milk products that are rich in calcium. Its yoghurts, butters and cheeses attract those who appreciate good food. These pleasures of nature should be, like any other foodstuff, consumed in moderation or in limited quantities as a person may have allergies to certain ingredients.

In cooperation with the Swiss Milk Producers Association (PSL), Cremo offers a nutritional advice service to persons who would like to learn more about milk products or who have a food allergy. You are invited to visit their site that will provide you with information about food and food allergies as well as tips to help you keep in good shape throughout the day. A telephone help line is manned by two qualified dieticians who will be pleased to provide individual advice.

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