24 March 19 Producers / Milk collection

Cremo collects milk from a collection point or directly from those producers who have a direct contract with the company. These producers belong to the association of Cremo milk producers (APLC / APLCV).The frequency depends on the use to which the milk will be put.

For the other producers, in particular grouped together in various organisations (dairy pools or industries), such as Prolait, aaremilch AG, Swissmooh, Milco SA and Nestlé Switzerland Ltd, the milk is delivered directly by those organisations to the Cremo factories.

The collected milk is brought directly to one of the five Cremo sites that are situated at Villars-sur-Glâne (FR), Mont-sur-Lausanne, Lucens, Thun and Sierre. The distribution between the sites depends on the milk’s intended purpose.

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