21 April 19 Consumer / Presentation
By choosing Cremo products, you are guaranteed to eat natural, healthy and fresh food. For family meals, romantic dinners or even a snack, you will always find the right item for the right occasion from the Cremo range. Thanks to their irresistible taste, Cremo dairy and milk products will introduce you to the traditional world of Swiss milk and cheese makers.

Give them a try, you will be seduced!

The secret of Cremo’s success ?

Freshness and purity

Cremo products have always been well known for their freshness, taste and purity. Its range is based on achieving a balance between the composition and innovative combination of ingredients and production processes that are respectful of traditional methods.

Clear labelling and eco friendly packaging
By listening to the requirements of its consumers, Cremo pays a good deal of attention to its packaging, particularly the labelling. Always clear and intelligible, the composition and expiry date provide all the essential information concerning the quality and freshness of the products. Concerned for the environment, the company makes sure that it uses materials that respect it, throughout the value chain from the producer to the consumer.
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