24 March 19 Industry / Presentation
As a major manufacturer of dairy products, Cremo makes significant efforts to adapt
its products to the needs of the food industry. Its butters, cheeses, powders and concentrates are manufactured in accordance with the specific requirements of its customers.

The relationship that Cremo has established with its clients is based on two principles:

Mutual understanding
Our priority is to establish a partnership with our customers based on mutual understanding, trust and consistency. This relationship is developed and maintained by the regular exchange of information while respecting confidentiality.
The success of our clients and of ourselves is the result of an open-minded attitude and mutual support to the benefit of the consumer.

A comprehensive service
In collaboration with our customers, we design solutions adapted to their needs. Our services cover products, logistics, handling, hygiene and matters specific to the processes of the food industry, whilst taking into account the minimization of costs.
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