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Thanks to its modern, efficient production methods, Cremo is able to produce Gruyère cheese of consistently high quality whilst using traditional recipes. Cremo Le Gruyère is in 100% conformity with the requirements of the Gruyère AOP (Appelation d’Origine Protégée) charter.

This hard Swiss cheese made from unpasteurized milk is at the same time firm and supple. Its colour varies slightly depending on the season. An essential component on all cheese boards, it occupies a privileged position. Being very versatile, it can be cut into cubes for an aperitif, a subtle ingredient in a sauce, grated in a fondue or added to a gratinated dish.

Apart from organic Gruyère which is distributed exclusively by one wholesaler who is responsible for its marketing, Cremo Le Gruyère is available in four varieties:

Matured for 5 months in our cellars, which gives it a soft and mild taste.
Matured for 8 months in our cellars, which allows it to develop its typically salty, authentic character.
Matured for 12 months, it develops a flavour that is typical of the region with a fragrant bouquet developing into aromatic savours.
By maturing for 18 months, this singular cheese acquires a unique taste. This exclusive Cremo cheese is appreciated by all connoisseurs.
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