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Creamy and smooth as you wish Caquelon d’or moitié-moitié is a ready to use fondue produced in accordance with the original recipe for “half and half” fondue from the Fribourg region. Produced from carefully selected Gruyère and fully matured Vacherin Fribourgeois cheeses, it will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs.

This Cremo speciality is sold in cartons of 6 x 560 gr.

Specially packaged for restaurateurs, fondue "half and half" is available in cartons of 2 X 2,5 kg. A special mixture, which is a combination of hard and semi hard Swiss cheeses, is also available in 8 X 800 gr. cartons.

The exclusive fondue Cremo Mauler is worthy of the most demanding gourmets. A perfect marriage of a selection of Swiss cheeses, spices and sparkling wine “produced in accordance with a traditional recipe”. It is tasty, creamy and light. The jealously guarded recipe is a mixture of hard and semi hard cheeses, special ingredients and a light, dry sparkling wine that is subtle and well balanced.

Available in portions for two to four persons, in packaging that can be customized to the needs of each client, fondue Cremo Mauler is shipped in quantities of 10 up to 2,000 units or as a personalized gift by direct mail.
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