Dairy products are essential for a healthy and balanced nutrition.

They contain a lot of calcium, protein, mineral salts, lactose and fat and provide the body with many of the necessary nutrients. By keeping up to date on current nutritional science for a good diet as well as consumer expectations, Cremo adds only the appropriate amounts of sugar and salt to their products.


Information about nutrition and food intolerances can be found on the website of our partner, the “Schweizermilchproduzenten” (SMP)


Detailed information of the nutritional value of Cremo products can be found on the Trustbox website:

Milk, cream, butter, cheese - key ingredients for novel recipes

Whether warm or cold dishes, you can always find dairy products as a key ingredient. From milkshakes, spreads, gratin, roasts, steamed vegetables to cheese cakes… creativity knows no boundaries.

On the website of our partner, the “Schweizer Milchproduzenten” (SMP), discover creative recipes for tantalizing and delicious meals. Follow the seasons or simply your preferences - you will be pleased with the wide selection!