Quality and food safety

Always attentive about the quality of its products, Cremo set up, from 1996, very rigorous control procedures. Its quality and environmental management system is recognized by several organizations. The company regularly conducts internal and external audits to ensure that the quality of its products and environmental stewardship are not hindered.

Certified ISO 9001 – Quality Management

In 1996, Cremo received the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate for the first time. This certification is renewed every 3 years. This certification confirms Cremo's continued commitment to providing the highest quality products and the ability to ensure complete traceability of its products. The guaranteed traceability, the reliability as well as the readiness to deliver contribute to the positive image.

ISO 9'001
Quality Management

Certified FSSC 22000 Food Safety

Food safety requires precise and hygienic production, safe handling of allergens and the exclusion of contaminants in the final product. By upholding all of these, Cremo was awarded in 2011the "Food Safety System Certification 22000" / ISO 22,000 certificate. This testifies that the high standards for food safety are being implemented and are constantly being adapted on the basis of the latest findings.

FSSC 22'000
Food Safety