Nature Source of our Dairy Products - Innovation Core of our Expertise

Cremo innovates, creates, processes, manufactures and markets consumer dairy products. Cremo is a guarantee of quality, sustainability and full flavor.

The two fundamental pillars of Cremo are:

Nature, the source of our dairy products: milk - fresh and natural, noble yet fragile. A raw material that requires irreproachable quality in order to manufacture products of first quality. Daily checks at various stages of production are carried out to ensure quality and traceability throughout the production stages.

Innovation, at the heart of our skills: We work hard to achieve the best products for our customers. This, both in terms of taste and nutritional qualities as well as food safety but also and above all for the sake of sustainability.

Our employees work every day to uphold these pillars that are the foundation of our company. Providing customers with superior quality products while guaranteeing a more than fair treatment to the milk producers is the basis of the foundation of Cremo.

Cremo is the second largest milk processing company in Switzerland and employs around 800 people. Milk, essentially from western Switzerland, is collected and processed. More than 90% of the Cremo shareholders are milk producers. The company is not listed on the stock market.

Sustainable development on a solid foundation

2020 2019 2018
Turnover (in thousands CHF) 493,409 491,840 475,211
Cash-flow (in thousands CHF) 19,188 18,700 13,020
Employees 829 833 824
Raw Material
Milk (in Millions kg) 363.1 393.0 407.0
Cream (in Millions kg) 29.6 31.3 34.3

Dedicated employees at 9 sites in 5 cantons

Cremo processes and valorises milk into high-quality products at several specialized sites, such as Villars-sur-Glâne (FR), Düdingen (FR), Le Mont-sur-Lausanne (VD), Meyrin (GE), Lucens (VD), Thun (BE), Lyss (BE), Kriechenwil ( BE) and Sierre (VS) and secures skill based jobs in 5 cantons.

Customer proximity - from the countryside into the city

Cremo's products are available through both the national wholesalers and its own regional distribution centres "Petit Cremier" in Villars-sur-Glâne (FR), Le Mont-sur-Lausanne (VD), Thun (BE), Sierre (VS) and Meyrin (GE).

Environment- and product-friendly technologies

Cremo uses environment - and product-friendly technologies for the manufacture of its products. The company has expert know-how in membrane filtration technologies such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis as well as microparticulation. It uses state-of-the-art technologies for the production of protein powder and protein isolates via spray drying. The production of lactose powder is by roller or Tixotherm drying. Cremo productes butter and specialty butter as well as milk fat fractionation. Such technologies are also used in the production of fresh products and cheese.

Officially approved analytical results

Reliable and totally accurate analytical results, especially for specifications and quality based payments, is a condition "sine qua non" for our everyday business. Cremo meets this requirement with its accredited laboratory.

Motivated and qualified employees

Cremo is proud to have employees committed to values and passionate about working wih a product of the land, namely milk. Indeed, not everyone is able to boast of transforming milk into cream, butter, cheese, milk powder.

Cremo offers qualified and secure positions, promotes professional development and is a recognized training company. Each year, several employees complete their apprenticeship or further their education.

Cremo teaches / trains apprentices for the following professions:
• Milk technologist
• Logistics Assistant
• Operator of automated processes (machines)
• Commercial / administrative Clerk
• Automation technician

Rapport annuel 2021

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