Fresh and Natural

Cremo products are characterized by their freshness, taste and near to nature goodness. Innovation in the choice of ingredients combined the respect for a traditional production process are the core of our well balanced product range.

Consumer friendly packaging

Cremo pays special attention to the packaging and especially the wording. They are clear and comprehensible, inform on the composition and the expiration date and thus provide essential information about the quality and freshness of the products. As a gift to the environment, the company uses environmentally friendly and recyclable materials along the entire distribution chain.

Win-Win – for all Partners

Cremo strives to adapt its products to the specific needs of its customers, the retail trade, the food service industry and the food industry.

Cremo's customer relationships are based on two principles:

Understand each other

Our priority is to build customer relationships based on mutual understanding, trust and consistency. Care and development of the relationships are carried out through a regular exchange of information.

The success of our customers, as well as our own success, is the result of openness and mutual support; this is for the benefit of the consumers.

Comprehensive service

In cooperation with our customers, we develop tailor-made solutions. Our services include products, logistics, goods handling, hygiene and industrial processes. We pay particular attention to optimizing costs and resources.