Gruyère AOP

Le Gruyère AOP from Cremo is a Swiss hard cheese made from raw milk. Made for over 900 years, it has survived the centuries without losing its character. Our master cheese makers make it according to the same recipe.

Depending on the degree of maturity, it presents itself with a distinctive taste. The youngest has 5 months of ripening, up to more than 18 months for a very characteristic Gruyère AOP.

Its color varies slightly according to the seasons. The herbage is very different in summer, consisting of more than 30 different flowers. This particularity gives Gruyère AOP all its aroma and all its typicity.

Le Gruyère AOP always has a place of honor on our cheese platters.

Le Gruyère AOP Cremo is available in four varieties:

5 months of ripening gives the cheese its fine and pure taste.

A maturation of 8 months reveals its typical salty and authentic taste.

A maturation of 12 months brings to surface its exceptional, aromatic taste.

18 months of care gives this exceptional Gruyère its distinctive, well balanced salty flavor and texture. A Cremo exclusivity which is highly appreciated by all cheese connoisseurs.