Distinctive Valais traditions for our cheese

Our unmistakable Valdor assortment is produced exclusively from Valais milk and made following ancient traditional methods. The local Valais village dairies receive once or twice a day, , freshly milked milk from the surrounding area and process it into high-quality cheese specialties.

For 3 months, the cheese matures in the cellars of the Valais village cheese dairies and is regularly turned and cared for by the master cheesemakers. This extensive care and the long maturation period give the Valdor cheese its full, fresh and spicy flavor.

In addition, each cheese is unique, because the Valdor range comes from various selected dairies. Individual tastes are known to be different, some people prefer a very mature and intense cheese, and others prefer it younger and milder. - Valdor has a cheese for every taste.

Since 1987, we have been selecting and maturing the best raw milk cheese from Valais. In the process, we choose which cheese to market, so that the best quality can be guaranteed in the store. The vast experience of our cellar masters is the key to this selection.

The star of our Valdor range is without question the Raclette du Valais AOP.