Lait équitable

Lait equitable is a project launched by Faireswiss in 2019. It has made its mark among the countless labels on the Swiss market.

Cremo supports this community by processing the brand's milk and marketing it with the help of its own distribution service.

This label, Lait equitable, guarantees the milk producer a price of 1 franc per litre of milk sold. The cooperative pays a surcharge of up to 1 franc which is financed by the consumer. Each partner in this value chain must receive a fair price, from the producer to the seller. The basis for this is an interactive cooperation between the different players.

In order to get involved in this project as a milk producer and to join the community, various requirements have to be met. This means that at least two of the three federal programs (PLVH, SRPA or SST) are followed and an ecological performance record can be proven.

Faireswiss, a community that supports the goals of the milk producers and guarantees environmentally friendly milk with respect for animals.

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