Raclette Mazot

Raclette Mazot is a raclette cheese that is made from pasteurized milk. The craftsmanship of our cheesemakers combined with the latest technologies guarantee the expected high quality throughout the year. It is refined and ripened in our cellars in Fribourg.

Raclette Mazot Cremo is available in these varieties:

A maturation of 3 months guarantees its unmistakable texture. It is creamy and Its aroma is unique , not too strong, not too mild, it melts quickly and homogeneously.

Our Mazot, with all its fine properties, is also available with the Bio Bud label.

This cheese is made by selected organic milk producers who can implement all the Bio Suisse requirements. Everything is checked very carefully, from animal feeding to production.

An exceptional raclette cheese, made by our cheese masters from Sierre in the Valais, with the best mountain milk from the region.

This special selection enables to add value to the milk producers in the surrounding mountains.
The raclette Mazot Montagne is made from pasteurized milk and thanks to the large variety of flowers at this height, it has a very special character.